One Streamlined Solution for Real Estate Private Lending

From term sheet to maturity – we’ve got you covered.

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Manage All Of Your Stakeholders 

No matter the size, your private lending business requires an ecosystem to operate. With Baseline, keeping track of investors, brokers, borrowers – and your business operations – is straightforward and simple. 

Simplify Loan Operations

Manage the entire process – from term sheet to maturity – with Baseline. Accept online applications or generate a term sheet, convert to underwriting, automate document collection and when ready, process payments and reconcile your business outcomes. 

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Level The Competitive Playing Field

Deliver convenient online experiences for borrowers, investors and brokers that rival best-in-class giants and exceed customer expectations. Create a professional experience every step of the way to build trust and confidence. 

Eliminate Workflow Chaos

On average, private lenders string together over a dozen tools to run the show. With Baseline, consolidate point solutions – like document management, eSignature, loan application processing, draw management & more – to streamline your workflow saving time, money and headaches. 

Increase Deal Flow & Velocity

With investors, brokers and borrowers all working in the same convenient and intuitive system, it’s easier to connect the dots for capital raising, brokering deals, and processing loans in-flight. When deals move smoothly, they move quicker – helping you shift your focus from admin to building relationships. 

Testimonial from Jack Speaks, Owner of ROI
The draw management feature specifically is a huge time saver. We're no longer tracking down paper receipts and reconciling budgets manually - it's all available online, within the loan details. Baseline is such a time saver and in our business, speed is money.
Jack Speaks
Owner, ROI Funding, LLC
Testimonial from Jack Speaks, Owner of ROI
Baseline has enabled us, a local private lender, to interface
with our customers like we are a large national lender, which
has strengthened our brand and helped retain our
valuable borrowers.
Alex Bogumil
Owner, Principal Loan Originator, Capital Fundings
Testimonial from Jack Speaks, Owner of ROI
The Baseline software has really cut down on our
time; before we did everything manually, now we’re processing payments in minutes instead of hours and have all our reporting in one location.
Megan Saunders
Director of Operations, Capital Fundings

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