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Baseline is technology platform that helps origination and servicing teams streamline their workflows, leverage their data, and nurture better relationships with their investors, borrowers and partners.

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Baseline Leadership Team

Our Mission

Baseline is on a mission to equip private lenders with the tools and technology to scale their operations and grow their businesses. We believe real estate private lending plays a critical role in our communities, and we envision in a future where private lenders take on an increasingly important role in fostering productivity in our society. That’s why we’re focused on removing friction from private lending and making financing more accessible for tomorrow’s borrowers.

Our Story

Baseline started as a hard money lender. We originated and serviced hundreds of hard money loans. We learned the ins and outs of the industry and dealt with its many challenges.We searched for better tools but came up short. We wanted to find a better way to grow our business, but we couldn’t find the solution we needed to scale.That journey led us to where we are today. We used the lessons we learned from our past lending business to build a user-friendly, intuitive, and powerful platform from the ground-up; a platform that enables hard money lenders to operate and grow more efficient and robust lending businesses.

Our Leadership

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Shaye Wali

Chief Executive Officer

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Jonathan Keebler

Chief Technology Officer

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Sergio Santinelli

Chief Operating Officer

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