A modern, digital experience for your investors

Baseline helps you unlock investor engagement, leading to capital raising efficiency

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Deliver a world class investor experience

Offer your investors exclusive access to a state of the art online portal where they can browse investment opportunities and explore your track record of success. With Baseline, you’ll create a long-lasting professional experience that helps you stand out.

Raise Capital Efficiently

Secure capital for loans and funds by creating and publishing offerings in minutes. Then, seamlessly manage investor transactions in the same place.

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Provide Performance Visibility

Give investors real-time insights and detailed reporting in user friendly formats. Foster transparency and trust by keeping your investors informed and engaged.

Efficiently Manage Funds

Manage your investment funds with unparalleled ease and precision. Set up, administer, and track transactions. Stay on top of every aspect of fund management.

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Pricing plans are based on active loan volume. All plans are month to month for ultimate flexibility.

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Hand With Money
Loan Servicing

Service your private real estate loans in-house with Baseline’s automated workflows.

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Peer Interviews

Discover what lending experts are thinking about and listen to their experiences.

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