Product Spotlight: Easily Manage Rehab Budgets and Draw Management

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Zach Cohen

February 12, 2024

Collecting and processing rehab draws is time consuming for lenders and oftentimes painful for real estate investors. Manually reconciling receipts, collecting proof of completed work, auditing the budget…it all takes time. And time consuming manual work also erodes the borrower experience and keeps you, the lender, from doing more strategic work across your business.

That’s why Baseline created an easy to use rehab draw system that allows borrowers to upload pictures and submit draws against their budget directly through their Baseline loan portal. 

This process also creates an audit trail for every loan, eliminating unnecessary admin work. 

Jack Speaks, Owner at ROI Funding, LLC is already seeing the value of this new functionality, saying "...the draw management feature specifically is a huge time saver. We're no longer tracking down paper receipts and reconciling budgets manually - it's all available online, within the loan details. Baseline is such a time saver and in our business, speed is money."

For many lenders, offering convenient, efficient service that goes toe-to-toe with the big banks and institutional lenders is how they stand apart. To us, technology like this is a mission critical part of delivering on that level of service.

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