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Investment Offerings: Raise Money For Your Private Lending Business With Baseline

May 31, 2024

Zach Cohen

Raising investment capital takes consistent sales and marketing effort with constant relationship building and lead nurturing.

As former private lenders, we understand this process and built Baseline so that you can bring new investors into your ecosystem and expand your relationship with existing ones.

Here’s how you can take advantage of Baseline’s “Offerings” to raise capital for your private lending business.

Publish Your Previous Deals

Whether your previous deals were funded directly by you, by private investors, through a fund, through a broker channel or otherwise, showing a track record of high quality deals will give you credibility when talking to new investors.

Set your prospective investors up with a your White Label Investor Portal where they can review your track record of successfully closed and paid off deals.

Publish Your Open Opportunities

When you have a deal that needs funding or you want to raise money for your fund, publish an open opportunity and push it out to your investor base. Your investors will be able to review the details of your offering and make investment commitments directly through their investor portal.

Interested In Learning More?

To learn more about how to raise capital with Baseline’s investment offerings, book a Demo here!

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