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Product Spotlight: How Real Estate Private Lenders Can Elevate the Borrower Experience with Baseline's Borrower Portal

June 10, 2024

Shaye Wali

It’s no secret: a great user experience is good for business. In fact, providing a consistent and reliable, not to mention intuitive user experience are absolute musts.

And for many private lenders in the real estate sector, giving borrowers greater visibility and control of their loans can make the difference between a one-time borrower and a satisfied repeat client.

Baseline’s Borrower Portal is designed to meet the needs of private lenders and their clients - enhancing both the origination and servicing aspects of the lending process.

How Baseline Optimizes the Borrower Experience


Time is money in a real estate transaction. Borrowers need quick decisions to move forward with their projects. Our borrower portal accelerates the application process, ensuring faster approvals and happy clients.

Whether issuing a term sheet or sharing insurance requirements, Baseline’s borrower portal enables lenders and borrowers to share information quickly, allowing them to move forward with confidence.


Extensive paperwork can be a deal-breaker. By re-using existing data, lenders minimize the required documentation. A simplified process makes it easier for borrowers to submit applications and upload documents without unnecessary hassle.


Gone are the days of manually collecting documents. With our borrower portal, clients can upload necessary documents directly from their devices. This not only speeds up the origination process but also ensures that documents are securely stored and easily accessible.


Nothing makes you lose track of information faster than multiple email chains with information scattered everywhere. The borrower portal streamlines communication, eliminating the need for constant back-and-forth emails or calls. Borrowers can see the outstanding requirements and their current status in the application process.

For borrowers involved in rehab projects, our portal simplifies the process of submitting budgets as well as requesting and receiving draws. By handling these requests digitally, we reduce paperwork, expedite funding, and provide borrowers with a seamless experience.

Learn more about Baseline's Rehab Draw Automation.


Transparency is crucial in building trust. Our portal allows borrowers to track the status of their application in real-time. Whether they are waiting for approval, document review, or fund disbursement, borrowers can see exactly where they stand, reducing anxiety and improving satisfaction.

Keeping track of payments is essential. Our portal offers detailed tracking of payment history, giving borrowers clear visibility into their financial obligations and progress.


Loan statements are automatically generated and accessing them is easier than ever with our online portal. Borrowers can access their statements anytime, ensuring they stay informed about their loan status and payments. This feature enhances transparency and convenience, contributing to a positive borrower experience.

Upgrade Your Experience Today

Baseline is designed to give real estate private lenders like you the tools you need to deliver an outstanding borrower experience. We are dedicated to helping you build and maintain stronger relationships with your clients.

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