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Product spotlight: How Baseline can cut your document generation and management in half

June 25, 2024

Shaye Wali

For Real Estate Private Lenders, data drives business.  So, the pressure to deliver accurate, data-driven documentation in a timely manner is very real. Document generation and manually entering data line by line can be time consuming, and you want to be sure you are representing your data accurately. On time. No errors or typos.

That’s pressure.

From term sheets and pre-approval letters to loan documents, payoff letters, and default notices, the sheer volume of documentation can be overwhelming. And, while you might think that your existing documents are watertight, doing it all by hand can put your business at risk.  

Fortunately, Baseline is here to transform how private lenders handle document generation, making the process faster, more accurate, and significantly more efficient.

Types of documents private lenders typically generate

As a Private Lender, you can expect to generate a wide variety of documents on a daily basis. Whether you are originating new loans or managing existing ones, each of these documents requires precise information and customization, making manual creation prone to errors and inefficiencies.  

Term Sheets: Outline the basic terms and conditions of a loan agreement.

Pre-Approval Letters: Confirm the borrower’s qualification for a loan.

Loan Documents: Comprehensive agreements that include all loan details and terms.

Investor Agreements: Documents you provide to your investors for providing capital.

Payoff Letters: Provide the remaining balance and payoff instructions for a loan.

Default Notices: Inform borrowers of default status and potential consequences.

How Baseline Helps

Baseline is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for busy Private Lenders. Now you can automate and streamline your document generation and processing - in less time with greater accuracy. Baseline is your source of truth, and that’s how you know your documents are being generated quickly, and with 100% accuracy, every time. No time-consuming data entry or cross-checking. It’s all automatic.

Generate a loan package from within a loan

One of Baseline's most powerful features is the ability to generate documents directly from within a loan. All necessary information is already at your fingertips and ready to be populated in your templates with just a few clicks. You can generate and review documents instantly, making the loan origination and servicing process much more efficient.

Upload multiple word templates

With Baseline, you can upload multiple Word templates for all your essential documents. This means you can maintain consistent branding and formatting across all your documents, ensuring a professional appearance. By using templates, you eliminate the need to create new documents from scratch each time, saving you valuable time.

Add merge fields

Merge fields act as placeholders that automatically pull data from your system, populating documents with borrower-specific information such as names, loan amounts, interest rates, and more. This ensures that each document is tailored to the individual borrower without manual entry, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing efficiency.

Share Documents with borrowers

With Baseline, sharing the generated documents with borrowers is as simple as a click of a button. This feature allows lenders to easily share important documents with borrowers. For instance, lenders can share insurance requirements or important disclosures. This not only saves time but also ensures that borrowers have immediate access to all necessary documents, improving communication and transparency between lenders and borrowers.

Transform your document management process

Don’t get bogged down with custom document generation.  With Baseline, you can automate the creation of critical documents, ensuring accuracy and saving time. By uploading templates, adding merge fields, and generating documents directly from within a loan, Baseline streamlines your workflow and enhances your operational efficiency.

Say goodbye to manual entry and typos and transform your private lending operations with a more accurate and time saving document management system.

Say hello to the future of document generation with Baseline. Book your demo today.

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